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The Pastor

I was ordained Pastor, on 22 August 2019, by presiding Pastor Julian Khan of Mercy Mission International in the UK. I am pleased to be able to serve in a pastoral capacity role ministering through Reach Dem International Ministries. Amongst all my various careers and endeavours, this is a role I take very serious and continually aspire to be a servant amongst the people I serve.



The Lawyer

My Service comprise:
  • Strategy development for IP Asset Management;
  • Categorisation: identifying competitive position, strengths and weakness;
  • Exploitation of IP Asset Portfolio;
  • Assistance in the creation/protection of IP Assets;
  • Outline of facts related to your IP Assets and Legal Opinions in relation to infringement case

The Counsellor

My role is to facilitate a platform from my client can assess things clearly by tackling them from a different prospective.  Changing the focus enables my client to examine their feelings, experiences or behaviour with a goal; to facilitate a changed mindset thus more equipped to overcoming personal difficulties.  During this exchange, a relationship of trust and confidentiality is built up, enabling the client to speak openly and freely –  giving them the confidence they need to move forward from their personal difficulties to realistic solutions.

The Motivational Speaker

The purpose of being an Inspirational/Motivational Speaker is to motivate and inspire people by conveying a breath of fresh air into often stagnant situations promoting individual change of existing mindsets.
I achieve this by manoeuvring them from their current position, by providing direction and guidance to my audience as to how to discover the true meaning and purpose to their lives.  I often use my own personal experiences encountered whilst overcoming adversity, which ultimately propels the audience into taking alternative action, now exploring the world from a brand new perspective.
I am available to give talks to schools, community groups, conferences, businesses and churches.

The Tutor

Subject Portfolio: Safeguarding & Gangs, Safeguarding, Law, Life Skills, Money Management, Food Nutrition and the Importance of Healthy Eating, Personal Development, Leadership Skills, Crime Prevention and Parenting Skills.

The Author

I use writing, to flex my intellectual muscles, think aloud and clear my mind of daily debris, left there by often unsavoury incidents, so really it is a mental detox. I enjoy intellectual stimulation and writing allows me to think about who I am and what makes me what I am, the variations to these themes are expressed in my writings.
I also enjoy writing legal papers and legal opinions which again allow me to flex my intellectual muscles.

The Philanthropist

Please see: