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Interesting People I Have Met


Professor Sterling has recently completed 60 years of work in intellectual property law in the fields of national, international and regional copyright law. His writings on copyright are extensive and include World Copyright Law, 3rd edition 2008.

He is a consultant to Lamb Chambers, Middle Temple,  Professorial Fellow of the Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute, Visiting Professor, King’s College London, and Emeritus Vice-President of the British Copyright Council.

I met Professor Adrian Sterling in 1996, at University College London (UCL), one of the most prestigious universities for Law in the world, where I was undertaking my Masters in International Intellectual Property.  Professor Sterling agreed to be my Supervisor and in doing so, he taught me some valuable lessons in life. Firstly, that as a Supervisor his job was not only to supervise my academic progress but to ensure that I was mentally stimulated to search beyond the required boundaries and seek to be able to pose questions that had yet to be answered. Over a period of time he helped develop a skill  that was buried deep inside of me which was the ability to critical assess, and assimilate critical information.

Secondly, when became seriously ill in 1997 and decided to totally abandon my studies.  He encouraged me to postpone my exams.  He motivated me  to such as extent that I did not give up because of my physical limitations. He was absolutely relentless in his quest to see me complete the course, which I did with flying colours. He remains dear to my heart to this day because I learnt one of the most important lessons in life was never to give up, despite your circumstances, especially when you have already started your journey.


Meeting Yabby ​U​ in 2005 was one of the most interesting highlights of my life this man made an indelible mark on my life to this day. Yabby ​U reggae artist​ was born Vivian Jackson, ​took ​his spiritual cues from the divine inspiration from the sounds of nature around him. What was so striking about him was that despite his medical limitations due to his crippled legs and severe arthritis he always effortlessly rose to the occasion offering spiritual insight​s​ to life ​with​ anyone ​who​ came in contact with him​.  His words of wisdom soar beyond anyone,​ I had ever met before.  Most profound was that he never allowed his medical condition to cloud his philosophical analysis of the world as he saw it, he always sought for the truth.  He was, indeed truly inspirational until he passed in 2010. His memory remains with me to this day, as I fondly remember him calling me “mi daughter” as he spoke many words of wisdom to me.

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